The BRITA•Macao will carry 4 courses per year which will be held in the months of June and October: 2 courses will be held back-to-back in the month of June with 2 other courses being held back-to-back in the month of October. The courses will have the duration of 4-5 days each and will be held throughout the week (excluding weekends). The purpose of these courses is to provide participants with an in-depth exposure to the conceptual and practical issues on topics of relevance for the BRITACOM initiative. By providing these tax-related trainings, research and technical assistance programs, the BRITA•Macao SAR aims at contributing to the enhancement of tax administration capability, improved tax service and modernized tax administration contributing to a sustainable and inclusive economic growth.
Currently the envisaged courses to be held in the biennium 2021 are as follows:
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