BRITA•Macao, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Academy of Macao is one of the four tax training institutions established to date under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Capacity Enhancement Group (BRITACEG) which, under the auspices of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Cooperation Mechanism (BRITACOM), aims to provide a platform for facilitating dialogue, strengthening cooperation in tax administration, and improving capacity building for jurisdictions, international organizations, academic institutions, businesses and other stakeholders who are willing to be involved in tax administration cooperation along the Belt and Road.

BRITA•Macao, operating alongside the Financial Services Bureau of Macao, is constructing the network of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Academies (BRITAs) which will serve as a solid base to provide trainings in a multilateral environment and also serve as a platform for tax officials to share views and exchange ideas.
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One of the landmark outcomes of the BRITACOM is the establishment of four BRITAs which are in Nur-Sultan of Kazakhstan, Beijing, Yangzhou and Macao Special Administrative Region of China respectively in a bid to enhance tax administration capacity of the BRI jurisdictions through tax-related trainings, research and technical assistance programs by giving full play to their existing training institutions and distinctive expertise.

As one of the founding BRITAs, BRITA•Macao aims at providing cut of the edge training by adopting top-notch standards and contributes to the research and technical assistance envisaged by the BRITACOM initiative.

Based on the historical ties, the BRITA•Macao also aims at continuing strengthening the close and extensive connections with the Portuguese-speaking countries spanning across four continents and covering a total population of 260 million. Traditionally, Macao SAR has played the role as a Commercial and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries. In this context, the BRITA•Macao will dedicate particular attention to the development of tax-related trainings, research and technical assistance programs to Portuguese-speaking countries.

Our People
Director of BRITA•Macao
Stephen, IONG Kong Leong, Director of the Financial Services Bureau (DSF) of Macao SAR, China since 2015, has over 30 years of experience in the field of tax administration. Before he assumed the position as Deputy Director of DSF in 2007, he had been serving as the Head of the Tax Department for over a decade. He is a well-recognized expert in the field of tax administration in Macao and has been striving to strengthen global cooperation with other tax jurisdictions in his career life. He has been representing Macao SAR as a member of the council of the BRITACOM since 2019.
Coordinator - Academic Section
Mr. Bruno da Silva is a Legal Advisor at the DSF of Macao SAR and the academic coordinator of the BRITA•Macao. He is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam and an Adjunct Professor (International Tax & Tax Treaties) at Texas A&M School of Law. Currently he chairs the BRITACOM Task Force on Raising Tax Certainty on behalf of the DSF of Macao SAR.
Coordinator - Administrative Section
Eddy, KUOK Iat Hoi, has joined DSF of Macao SAR for almost 20 years in charge of works relating to the area of tax inspection on taxpayers and international taxation such as to handle issues of the exchange of tax information as well as the negotiation of tax treaties. With all these years of solid experience and knowledge he possessed in the relevant fields, he has taken the position as the Head of the Tax Inspection Department since 2016. His coordinating skill over the years of experience in tax administration has brought him to undertake this new challenge as the coordinator for the Academic Program of BRITA•Macao.
Our Facility
Complex of Commerce and Trade Co-operation Platform for China and Portuguese-speaking Countries

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